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The wind sock in the top right corner indicates that there is wind in this level. The task is to get the nitro button to the flag without letting it blow away or explode. In this solution, i attach the Nitro to the back of a truck using a rope, and then pull it to flag. I use a conveyor belt to create a flat surface for the truck to drive across. Then i placed a ramp to left of the flag. This gets the truck to stop in the right spot without using too many additional parts.To prevent the nitro button from blowing away at the beginning , i used the flat side of a lift instead of a board. Finally i drop a tea kettle on the truck to get it going.

This is a pretty simple 3 star solution. There are more creative ways to get 3 stars on this challenge. If someone has a different solution, please post it!
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Re: 16.Nitro

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if the object wasnt a nitro and the weather werent windy then the solution would be more easier however with the given conditions using truck is a must what i think.also there should be place to make truck move but also our nitro should need place to put because it will become heavier with wind.after that truck should stop when nitro came across with flag and for extra score i used boxing glove.
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